Jerome Harris, Percussion

nov 18 1974- march 18 2012

Jerome Ondrel Harris performed for over 20 years as a dancer, percussionist, and singer, and was also a teacher and beloved friend.  Jerome was Jamila Lotus’ percussionist for their 2011 season, and the opening of their 2012 season.

Jerome’s many artistic collaborations included several years spent with Jamila Lotus member Jen Mayer in the 1990s as a dancer and percussionist in the Flying Carpet Gypsies music/dance ensemble.  He was also an early influence on Jamila Lotus members Tom Cooper and Samantha Riggs as an African dance/percussion teacher to the Domba! dance company in the 1990s.

Jerome first performed at Renaissance festivals around the country with the Suleyman’s (Mystics of Wonder) Circus before appearing with the

Flying Carpet Gypsies.  He later went on to perform as a percussionist with

the popular Minneapolis-based band Wookiefoot, and various other projects in the Minneapolis area.  He was a devoted student of various types of African,

Afro-Cuban, and Middle Eastern music and dance, and over his lifetime appeared with African dance companies in Phoenix, Minneapolis and Houston.

Jerome passed on and joined our ancestors on March 18, 2012.

On his traveling day, we performed to a stunning display of Arizona rain, sun, clouds, snowy mountains, hail, lightning, and two complete rainbows.

Jerome is very important to us and remains close to our hearts.

His outstanding talent, complete kindness, and extreme humility

continue to be a great shining light to us all.  As he used to say,

We would like to thank the ancestors for allowing us to do what we do today, which is sharing with you, so thank you!